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DISHA Initiatives program

What is this program?

This initiative aims to expand IAC’s reach and impact beyond its directly managed initiatives. It involves supporting other nonprofit entities founded or driven by passionate Indian Americans, making a significant impact and difference within the community.

How to be a candidate?

Any IAC board member can nominate a candidate for sponsorship, endorsing individuals leading significant and impactful community initiatives. After identification, the nonprofit entity will be contacted for further information and relevant materials, then assessed by the board based on eligibility criteria below.

What Information and documents are needed for consideration?

● A brief (1-6 slides) PPT presentation that includes information like – Mission, Profile of services, Last year’s key accomplishments, Demand vs Capacity profile, and identifiable critical gaps.
● Non-Profit IRS EIN#
● Copy of IRS 501(c)(3) determination letter
● Copy of the most recent IRS Form 990

 What if I have questions or need more information?

Contact Dr. Jigisha Shah our Lead on this program:

 What are the core pre-requirements of the requesting Organization?

● Organization must be founded by people of Asian Indian descent living in the Charlotte and surrounding areas.
● Organization must have the mission of meeting some critical need within the community.
● Organization must be an IRS Non-Profit 501 (c) (3) registered in NC or SC.
● Organization must be actively running for at least two years in a disciplined manner with an active Board of Directors.
● Organization must utilize the grant for making a significant impact in the Charlotte area and beyond.

What are the eligibility/evaluation criteria to be used by the Board (ratings on a scale 1 – not aligned to 5 – fully aligned, can be used during assessment)?

Impact and Reach: Past and potential impact on promoting Indian values and highlighting the contributions of Indian Americans. Consider the reach of their programs and initiatives in the community.

Innovation and Creativity: Demonstrate innovative and creative approaches to promoting Indian culture and showcasing the achievements of Indian Americans. This could include unique programming, partnerships, or outreach strategies.

Community Engagement: Level of community engagement and involvement in the organization’s activities. Organizations that actively involve the community in their programs are more likely to have a lasting impact.

Sustainability: Organization’s financial stability and sustainability. Organizations with a solid financial plan and diversified funding sources are better positioned to continue their work in the long term.

Diversity and Inclusivity: Commitment to diversity and inclusivity within its leadership, staff, and programs. Organizations that embrace diversity are better equipped to represent the richness of Indian culture and other diverse communities.

Track Record: Track record of sustained success, including past achievements, and recognition. Look for evidence of effective program implementation and positive outcomes.

Collaboration and Partnerships: Ability to collaborate with other organizations and stakeholders, both within the Indian American community and beyond. Partnerships can enhance the impact and reach of their initiatives.

Evaluation and Learning: Consider whether the organization has mechanisms in place for evaluating the effectiveness of its programs and learning from both successes and challenges. Organizations committed to continuous improvement are more likely to achieve meaningful results over time.

How is the selected candidate chosen?

Based on a qualified candidate, the IAC Board with a majority vote, selects an organization that stands out for their commitment, passion and demonstrated level of impact on the lives of others, by making a generous contribution to fund their capacity building.

Annual Reporting Requirement

Organization will provide an annual report the following year, on how the grant funds were used and the impact it made.